So it turns out that taking a photo every day and posting it on here every day is quite time-consuming and in some instances a bit of a challenge. I’m trying to take photographs of things I’ve been doing that I like, that I’ve enjoyed, things that make me happy, and trying to keep that different every day is hard, perhaps because I work from home and don’t go out every day.

What made me happy on Monday was that one of my clients, who owed me a lot of money, finally paid up. It was nearly three months late! But how do I take a photograph of that? I don’t exactly want to photograph my new bank balance… What made me happy yesterday was doing what I felt was a bloody brilliant piece of translation work, that really flowed naturally and sounded great.  But then there’s client confidentiality to consider, meaning a photograph of that becomes difficult.

So I’m easing the pressure, and saying I don’t have to upload something every day, but a collection of photos at the end of each week instead. I should still get a nice idea of what I’ve been up to and what makes me happy. Let’s see what happens.